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We want to enable you to take the best advantage of our website. Therefore we have designed certain features into the site. Many pages are available in English and German and you can switch languages using the links at the bottom left of the page (in the page footer) when available.

We'd like to let you know about some of the (technical) highlights of our site:

Feedback for the website

If you have questions or feedback regarding our website, or if despite our best efforts you have found an error, then please contact our webmaster: The link "Feedback for this page" at the bottom of each page (below the copyright notice) will launch your standard mail client application and create a new message. Apart from the correct e-mail address for our webmaster this message will be prefilled with some information that will help us analyse your problem. You may obviously edit this information if you feel it contains data you don't want to share with us but keeping the data intact helps us to help you.

Technology of the site

While designing and implementing our site we tried to incorporate accessibiliy as well as compatibility with the different hard- and software environments our clients might be using. Therefore we decided to use HTML5 and CSS and refrained from using HTML-frames. We are doing our best to honour your personal browser preferences, i.e. font and window sizes and your preferred language dynamically.

We have an optimized layout for printing and using text based menus instead of images helps alternative browsers present our pages in the best possible way.

A small amount of JavaScript helps us present this site in a safe and optimal fashion.

If configured correctly this website should use SSL/TLS to encrypt the traffic between your browser and the web server. This enhances your privacy and ensures that your browser is getting unmodified data from our server.

Qualification of links

Links pointing to pages, and which appear in the main content area of the page, are usually marked as follows:

Links in the navigation menu use different designations:

Please take note of our Disclaimer, where we explain our responsibilty for the content of any external websites we link to.


In case you frequently visit our website you might like to know what has changed. Therefore the Journal lists all pages sorted by their modification date. If you allow setting a cookie then we can save the time of your last loading of the Journal and can hilight the changes which happened since then.


Your visit at web pages leaves a digital trace in the log files of the web servers you visited. However no really personal data is made available to us through your use of this site. Nevertheless we want to inform you in our privacy policy about how we are using personal data and how we respect your privacy.

Cookie settings

Before this website uses any cookies it will request your approval. You may view and change your cookie settings at any time here.


Not only to comply with German law but also because we want to present ourselves transparently to our customers we are making the details about the organization responsible for this website easily available in the Impressum. A link to the Impressum can also be found at the bottom of each page and in the menu on the left under the heading "Website".

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